Melbournes Transport infrastructure- Cutting time off travels

Melbournes Transport infrastructure- Cutting time off travels

The advent of modern technology has significantly improved the mode of transportation that we presently have and this may be attributed to the modern railroad system, infrastructure such as roads and bridges and the invention of the aircraft and the automobile. All these advancements are due to man’s ingenuity in the field of engineering, science and mathematics.


Centuries ago, when the automobile or any other machine-powered form of transportation is yet awaiting invention, traveling and transporting animals and farm produce remain a big problem. Imagine how slow the transportation was as people use donkeys, horses and among others pulling carts, wagons and carriage to transport people and products to their destinations. Medical and social problems were not addressed timely and appropriately because of the delays incurred due to transportation problems and information dissemination.


The history of how the infrastructure system may have started may be difficult to trace as footpaths, which were first traveled by horses and other animals were then widened to make room for wagons, carts and among others until they became developed, with the invention of automobiles, for cars and buses to travel on. As cars got better, roads and bridges were constructed and got better as more inventions have arrived.

Travel ling fast and convenient would not have been possible if not due to the invention of heavy equipment and machines that replaced harrowing manual labor. Instead of doing the work manually, men operated these giant machines to excavate land, lift objects weighing hundreds of tons and among others. Nowadays, buildings that were built for years can now be easily toppled watches replica in minutes because of the different inventions made by man. Thus the power of human technology can never be questioned.

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